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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A conflict of interest

The RTE piece confirms that the documentary was funded by the mining company proposing the project. A fact left out in earlier reports.

It seems this fairly extensive coverage of a fairly ordinary documentary has also become useful in criticising the Shell to Sea campaign.

No mention here again of the real benefits to the Irish people that the Corrib gas venture will bring. For those that aren't aware, there are none.




And still no response to my questions:


Out of interest, how much does Gabriel Resources stand to gain from this venture?

I understand there is something like 500,000 ounces of Gold to be harvested. What percentage of these profits are likely to filter down to the state and the local people?

Is the project aimed at allowing the poor of the region to exploit their natural resources or allowing foreign investors to eploit their resources? Essentially repeating the same process the director refers to; "Hundreds of years after we have become rich and comfortable by removing our forests and exploiting our natural resources."

Who funded this documentary? It appears from the Rocky Mountain News article that the mining company may have funded it. Is there any conflict of interest?