"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons." Bertrand Russell

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Democracy in Cuba

According to the Irish Times that is.

"While America's recent measures to push the island towards multiparty democracy when the commander-in- chief croaks are diplomatic, your average Cuban who consumes the state-controlled media is convinced they're ready to invade."

And how are they attempting to do this:

"America's $80 million package to fund political opposition in the one-party state when Castro eventually passes on has sent shivers up the Communist Party's spine."

Are we to believe US interests are completely benign?

Salim Lamrani of Voltaire thinks otherwise:

"The cruel state of siege that the United States has imposed on Cuba since 1959 stiffens day after day. Now, they openly confess that their goal is overthrowing the government in Havana by any means while the sufferings caused to the population only have a secondary importance for the White House."

There's always other reasons to believe independence isn't on the menu.

Dear Madam,

Jeff Farrell's letter from Cuba in Wednesday's Irish Times [1] explained that America has initiated measures to push the island towards multiparty democracy. These measures include an $80 million package [2] to fund political opposition.

While reading this a historic irony came to mind, as Washington now leads the fight against international terrorism from within Cuba [3], Noam Chomsky's comment in 1996 resonates more clearly, "Probably Cuba was the target of more international terrorism than probably the rest of the world combined, up until Nicaragua in the 1980s." [4] In an Orwellian twist, this terrorism emanated from the very halls that now fight so valiantly against it.

The US government, and I make this distinction quite purposefully, has sought to isolate Cuba and make life as 'uncomfortable' as possible for the ordinary Cuban for over 40 years now. In December last year Condoleezza Rice moved to 'stiffen' the economic blockade. [5]

Washington has long made clear their intentions to scupper "dynastic succession" [6] [7], and quite rightly, who would allow father and then son to rule?

Cuba is not a democracy, but lets not let Mr. Farrell pretend the US wants it to be, unless that is he can convince an Iraqi first.



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