"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons." Bertrand Russell

Monday, May 16, 2005

Not Free, Not Fair

If the western mainstream media told the truth about Africa, stories in our newspapers would be much different. "Market ideology causes Ethiopian Famine," "130 years running and imperialists still mix with bad weather to kill millions."

"Thousands, if not millions, of people starved to death right next to the very symbols of modernity, the railways that linked ancient agricultural areas to the new international market. The stated British mission of civilizing India actually curtailed India’s economic growth. In addition to the roughly 20 million Indians who died from starvation (British estimates), India’s economy stagnated. In 1800 India’s share of the world’s manufactured product was four times that of Britain. By 1900 India was almost totally under British control and the ration was 8-1 in England’s favor. Moreover, according to a British statistician, who analyzed Indian food security measures in the two millennia prior to 1800, there was one major famine a century in India. Under British rule there was one every four years."

Global Policy

Britain blamed for India suicides
Free trade policies backed by the UK government have caused a crisis in India leading thousands of farmers to commit suicide, a charity has said.

Christian Aid has examined the impact of market reforms in Ghana, Jamaica and India in a report.

It blames 4,000 suicides in India's Andhra Pradesh state on policies inspired by the IMF and World Bank.

The UK government says the criticism is "behind the times" and aid is not tied to conditions such as privatisation.

Christian Aid has urged the government to stop linking its aid to developing countries to free trade initiatives and wants the UK to use this year's presidency of the G8 to encourage change.

'Not free, not fair'