"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons." Bertrand Russell

Monday, May 09, 2005

Grows on Trees

Nearly 4 weeks ago Criminologist John Ruiz Dempsey filed a Supreme Court action in Canada on behalf of the People of Canada alleging that the commercial banks were counterfeiting, or creating a money substitute, and lending it as money to borrowers, when actually they did not have legal money to lend. While Electronz ran this story on information provided from sources nearby soon after the event, we have been uneasy that such an action, with implications involving billions of dollars, could fail to be passed on by P.A. and the other international media services.

Such clearly shows that a filtering or censoring process is in operation which only allows news to pass through if it is not going to embarrass part of the complex which is actually "controlling" the public mind, which can only process the material of which it is aware. This weekend we saw the first sign that some people in the news media world in Godzone know what is going on, though it did not run as a major story, but merely the answer to a reader's question. A reader of the Sunday Star Times (who could possibly also be on the Electronz list for all we know) sent in to the paper a question saying that it was understood a class action in Canada is under way, charging financial institutions with counterfeiting, and asking for confirmation or otherwise?

The answer was not provided from the paper's Financial Editor in Auckland, but by Financial Planner Peter Hensley, hundreds of km further South in New Plymouth. His reply was so frank, and obviously well informed, that we run it here in slightly abridged form. It runs as follows:

"Yes, on April 15th, forensic litigation specialist John Dempsey filed a class action suit alleging that Canadian financial institutions are engaged in the illegal creation of money. One of the best kept secrets is the mechanism of money creation in today's economic system. ..The fact is that money is created, not by and for the people who use it, and not even by the government, but is issued by commercial banks when making loans to private people, businesses and governments. It is like smoke and mirrors stuff.

"Dempsey claims that creation of money out of nothing is beyond the banks' authority, and therefore void; that being under false pretences it contravenes the Criminal Code. He claims that those transactions constitute counterfeiting and money laundering, in that the source of money deposited into borrower's accounts, could not be traced, explained, or accounted for.