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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Come again?

RTE contradict themselves:

"Air strikes resume

Israeli air strikes resumed overnight, destroying two bridges in northern Lebanon and leaving three Lebanese soldiers dead in the southern port of Sidon.
Israel had called a 48-hour partial halt to its air assault after a raid on the Lebanese village of Qana that killed 54 civilians, most of them children."

Partially halted air strikes resume?

Only the 'partially' part of this sentence is true. The Guardian reported on Monday:

"Israeli air force jets bombed southern Lebanon this morning, despite the 48-hour suspension of air strikes negotiated by the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, yesterday after an attack that left more than 60 dead.

Today's strikes, near the village of Taibe, were carried out in support of ground forces operating in the area and did not target anything specific, the Israeli army said. Israeli troops this afternoon moved into the Aita al-Shaab area of Lebanon in a new incursion, the army said."

It is also worth noting "Israeli foreign ministry official told Deutsche Presse- Agentur that despite the announced cessation, Israel would continue to attack any Hezbollah target actively engaged in attacking Israel."

So Israel would continue it's attacks of legitimate targets, and cease what?

There also appears no need to mention an environmental disaster:

Lebanese Environment Minister Yacub Sarraf told AFP Saturday:

"It's without doubt the biggest environmental catastrophe that the Mediterranean has known and it risks having terrible consequences not only for our country but for all the countries of the eastern Mediterranean."

"Israeli air strikes on an electricity plant have released oil that has now spread over much of Lebanon's coastline.*

More than 15,000 tons of oil have hit the coast after the bombing of five of six storage tanks at the plant in the coastal village El-Jiye, 30km south of Beirut. The northern winds have taken the massive oil slick to beaches and ports a long way up the coast." [here too]

While it is necessary to report, "Oil prices jumped back above $75 a barrel this morning as hopes for a quick ceasefire in Lebanon faded while concerns grew at the approach of a tropical storm in the US." [RTE]