"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons." Bertrand Russell

Monday, July 03, 2006

Old School Disinformation

Charles Krauthammer suggests the war in Iraq "had two political objectives in going into Iraq: deposing Saddam and replacing his regime with a democratic government." When an article begins like that, there is really no point reading on.

Attorney General Lord Goldsmith warned Tony Blair in March 2003 that "regime change cannot be the objective of military action."

In March 2003 President Bush gave his ultimatum to Saddam Hussein; " We are now acting because the risks of inaction would be far greater. In one year, or five years, the power of Iraq to inflict harm on all free nations would be multiplied many times over. With these capabilities [WMD], Saddam Hussein and his terrorist allies could choose the moment of deadly conflict when they are strongest. We choose to meet that threat now, where it arises, before it can appear suddenly in our skies and cities."

Regime change was not and could not be given as the political objective of the war. Is Mr. Krauthammer suggesting the public were duped by the coalition governments?

If the Irish Times sees a need to counter balance it's 'liberal slant' with some reactionary conservatism please bring back Kevin Myers in Charles Krauthammer's stead, he at least employed a modicum of creative flair in his disinformation.