"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons." Bertrand Russell

Thursday, April 20, 2006

What humans?

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MEDIA ALERT: ‘You Could Kill Whoever You Wanted’

We can be sure that the better, more compassionate journalists are doing what they can to bring these horrors to the attention of a deceived British public. But the struggle is uneven - major corporate media have everything to gain from the current insane but lucrative status quo. And that status quo inevitably requires the West’s projection of military power for profits and control.

by: Medialens on: 19th Apr, 06

War Crimes And The Struggle For Truth An ancient Roman aphorism made a crucial point: “The senators are good men, but the senate is a beast.“ In the same way, no matter how deeply media corporations may be compromised by profit-orientation and links to establishment power, some journalists will always be willing to respond reasonably to criticism.

On March 30, a Media Lens reader challenged the BBC’s World Affairs Correspondent, Paul Reynolds, about his article reviewing the possibility of a US attack on Iran. Our reader, noting that Reynolds had made no mention of the illegality, or otherwise, of a US attack, asked:

“How can you find space to discuss the operational considerations of a mission but not the implication for international law?” (Darren Smith, email forwarded, March 30, 2006)Within a matter of hours, the following paragraph had been appended to Reynolds’ article on the BBC website:

"Of course, the legality of any attack would be hard to justify. The British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told reporters this week: ‘I don't happen to believe that military action has a role to play in any event. We could not justify it under Article 51 of the UN charter which permits self defence.’” (Paul Reynolds...

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