"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons." Bertrand Russell

Friday, February 17, 2006

Is Christianity Evil?

David Adams would do well to keep abreast of the news, even a cursory glance at the paper he writes for would explain why his views may be hard to swallow. By filling arguments with useful little facts he will find the journalistic equivalent of a spoonful of sugar.

In my reality, the lowly clay to the media shapers, Islam is not associated with terrorism, brutality and coercion. These are usually traits of terrorists, savages and dictators. Just as I rarely associate mass murder with Christians, Hindus and Atheists. This is more often than not the work of murderers.

It is quite amazing how few journalists accept the rhetoric of 'Western' leaders as fact when it doesn't suit the popular myth. How many mainstream journalists equate the present war in Iraq with Christianity, even when the leader of this unpopular 'crusade' makes no bones about explaining exactly who sent him to free, kill and starve? President Bush is "driven with a mission from God," who allegedly told him to "go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan and end the tyranny in Iraq."

How many Christian church leaders have publicly criticized the people murdering and persecuting in the name of Christianity? They are not few in number, but we rarely hear their din with all the shouts of freedom, democracy and blanket terrorist threat. Does this even raise a question in ones mind as to the obstacles facing their Islamic counterparts, who for that matter have not been silent, but made irrelevant?

Cowardice on cartoon controversy

A slight variation on an old Basil Fawlty line would seem to be the guiding principle of the current debate on cartoons and Islam: "whatever you do, don't mention the suicide bombings", writes David Adams...

For the reality is that most non-Muslims do indeed associate Islam with terrorism, brutality and coercion.

How could it possibly be otherwise? For years now, the wider Islamic community has chosen either to sit mute or, at best, heavily qualify any expression of disapproval whenever acts of mass murder have been carried out in its name.

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