"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons." Bertrand Russell

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sharia Law Europe

Kevin Myers posits in today's Irish Times that the present war in Iraq is part of a global fight against Islam, defeat there would mean Mark Steyn's hypothesis of a Sharia Law Europe would no doubt come true, sooner rather than later. I take issue with most if not all of Mr. Myers' article, but there is one outstanding issue, that of Iraq. The present conflict in Iraq has never been a war against Islamic extremism, what Mr. Myers simply defines as Islam of any sort, it was proposed out of the apparent defensive necessity. Defence against non-existent weapons of mass destruction it turns out. The rule of law, the absence of democracy, the subjection of human rights, these were never issues. Blair's official spokesperson, quoted in 2003; "If Saddam Hussein co-operates, if he's serious about disarmament, then he can stay in power."

If we are really to look at the result, not the process, what can we expect? Firstly, we can expect conditions in Iraq to remain relatively static for some time, the rebuilding of Iraq is no longer a coalition agenda. We can expect Shariah Law to begin to dominate. We can expect increased distrust of 'the West'. We can expect posturing, similar to that which Iraq experience in the 90's, towards Iran. The moral outcome is not a pretty sight and the process, as we all know, was disgusting.

To put Mr. Myer's generalising shoe on the other foot, a majority of Western people have supported their state officials in wars and sanctions costing tens of thousands of innocent lives for fear of people they know nothing about. Thankfully, enough 'cheap' blood has been spilt for that majority to realise the reality and oppose the sanctimonious scaremongering Mr. Myers frequents.

As for the Muslim takeover of Europe , they obviously have some lessons to be learnt. The 'Western' ethos of integration seen in Australia , North America and Israel is a much more effective model.