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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Kevin "theres money to be made...

writing this crap" Myers

Dear Madam,

Kevin Myers argues sarcastically in today's Times that non-alignment with the US/UK coalition is the absolute guarantee that one will not be a target for terrorism. Citing bombings in Bali and Indonesia as evidence that one needs no connection to the US/UK war in Iraq to be a target for Islamic extremism. However, both attacks were directed against coalition targets, striking the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. As the US embassy is considered US soil, the attacks intended object was quite obvious. And they attacked Australian and British tourists in Indonesia. The common trait Mr. Myers correctly makes is that the bombers are not shy in killing innocents, however their morality has never been questioned. Their intentions and reasons on the other hand are essential knowledge if there is to be a real effort to prevent future attacks.

In today's Guardian an ICM poll reveals that '33% of Britons think the prime minister bears "a lot" of responsibility for the London bombings and a further 31% think he bears "a little". Only 28% of voters agree with the UK government and Kevin Myers in believing that Iraq and the London bombings are not connected. The government line is in direct conflict with their own study into terrorism, the recently released study by government think tank Chatham House explains that the situation in Iraq had given "a boost" to the al-Qaida network's ability to recruit and raise money.

It is a shame that Kevin Myers chose to examine only one facet of the Taoiseach's address to any extremists targeting Ireland, neglecting to point out that the Taoiseach has made Ireland's alignment quite obvious, and unfortunate.

Yours etc

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