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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Return of Terror Fried Rice

[This article was susequently pulled by the Guardian:

Update: The Insider asked The Guardian newspaper why they removed the above article from their website, but they provided no explanation until we threatened to publicise the fact.

On 20 April 2005 we received a vague statement from The Guardian by email stating that the article was removed for "legal reasons":-

"I can tell you that the article The Ricin Ring That Never Was was removed from the archive for legal reasons."
-- Ian Mayes (Ian.Mayes@guardian.co.uk), Barbara Harper/Readers' Editor's office.]

April 15th
The Irish Times catches on and prints yesterday's Guardian article:

Scare stories about terrorist threat blown away

Evidence prosecution lawyers tried to link to Afghanistan and al-Qaeda in trials of terrorist suspects has been shown to be false, writes Duncan Campbell.

Colin Powell does not need more humiliation over the manifold errors in his February 2003 presentation to the United Nations. But on Wednesday a London jury brought down another section of the case he made for war - that Iraq and Osama bin Laden were supporting and directing terrorist poison cells throughout Europe, including a London ricin ring.

Wednesday's verdicts on five defendants, and the dropping of charges against four others, made it clear there was no ricin ring. Nor did the "ring" make or have ricin.

Not that the government shared that news with the British public. Until today, the public record for the past three fear-inducing years has been that ricin was found in the Wood Green flat occupied by some of Wednesday's acquitted defendants. It was not.


The Irish Times