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Friday, March 11, 2005

Oil is "not" an issue

US openly researches 'Peak Oil':
(the war must seem quite "convenient" now)

What is 'Peak Oil'?:

"Oil is running out, but the west would rather wage wars than consider other energy sources
by: George Monbiot on: 8th Jun, 04

Some people have wacky ideas," the new Republican campaign ad alleges. "Like taxing gasoline more so people drive less. That's John Kerry." Cut to a shot of men in suits riding bicycles. "


Global Echo

"The Mother Of All Oil Shocks Is Looming: Toward the Petro Apocalypse
By Yves Cochet

In a few years, the global production of conventional oil will fall, while the global demand continues to rise. The resulting shock of this structural oil famine is inevitable, so great are the dependency of our economies on cheap oil and. related to the first, our inability to wean ourselves from this dependency in a short period of time."


Le Monde

"Plan War and the Hubbert Oil Curve
An Interview with Richard Heinberg

David Ross: How important is oil to industrial societies?

Richard Heinberg: It’s about as important to industrial societies as water is to fish. We wouldn’t be talking right now if it weren’t for oil. The industrial revolution was, basically, all about fossil fuels. Coal came first, but when oil was harnessed things really heated up. With oil humankind discovered the cheapest, most abundant source of energy ever."



US report acknowledges peak-oil threat

By Adam Porter in Perpignan, France
Wednesday 09 March 2005, 18:23 Makka Time, 15:23 GMT

It has long been denied that the US government bases any policy around the idea that global oil production may be in terminal decline.

But a new US government-sponsored report, obtained by Aljazeera.net, does exactly that.

Authored by Robert L. Hirsch, Roger Bezdek and Robert Wendling and entitled the Peaking of World Oil production: Impacts, Mitigation, & Risk Management, the report is an assessment requested by the US Department of Energy (DoE), National Energy Technology Laboratory.

It was prepared by Hirsch, who is a senior energy programme adviser at the private scientific
and military company, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).