"Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for trivial reasons." Bertrand Russell

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

He had a point

Look at his posture, observe his pose. He's leaning towards you, pointing at you, bearing his teeth for you. He's telling you something, he's not sure if he believes it, but he'll be damned if you don't.]

David, [David Aaronovitch, (bad) Guardian columnist]

Tony Blair has been doing the rounds this week, repeating himself ad nauseum, harping on about some Iraqi thing hes got going on, not gonna cut and run yadda yadda yadda.

When will we get round to the real business of the day? I've been considering this for several years now, but just can't find solace in the upshot of every meditation. Why does Tony look so young? How is he so snappy at his age? I feel the anger growing within me each time I am reminded of the trenchant nature of this mans mind. Every speech and sound bite that he utters provides just another snippet of wisdom that I could never have hoped to have concieved when I had this mans humble years.

I've decieded I've had enough, thats the last time I vote Labour.

Listening to his latest 'sermon' describing his incessant fight with those pesky Arabs. I am reminded of his resolution, one can't drop enough bombs on innocent civillians and if the bombs miss lock them up, and if they're still not toeing the line, give them a good kicking.

Perhaps the real reason people 'hate' Blair is that his postion is one designed to represent the feelings of his country's people, their goals, their aspirations and their ethics. He has recently avoided much questioning over violations of the Geneva convention by happily shifting the attention onto a tabloid newspaper editor. In continually disregarding the will of his people in his imperialist conquests he has alienated himself, but luckily for him, found refuge in the arms of a much stronger man.

If you really are interested in understanding Blairs 'recent' surge in unpopularity, I suggest you find a Spanish person.

Your sincerely,


Write to me again when the drugs have worn off.


Thank you for your lengthy reply, by 'yes' am I to take it that you are in agreement.

Point taken, this has been a stressful week, combined with my reading of Will Self's "Great Apes" my mind has been tending to wander in awkward directions, but I felt my point would come across quite fluidly.

The offending letter was in response to your Gaurdian article of the 18th where you discuss Blair's unpopularity and attribute the brunt of the cause to his devilish good looks, intelligence etc. Where I could equally suggest you may have dabbled in 'extra-curricular activities' (I hope you won't take offence, as I didn't).

The circular explanation of my point could be summed up in that the majority of British people opposed the war and in this democracy, Blair chose to ignore them.

The war was based primarily on the threat from WMD, which don't exist.

Freedom for Iraqis, no matter how much faith you have in Blair's 'ancient verities' is not in their forseeable future.

War has has been conducted on false pretenses, causing the deaths of thousands of Iraqis, many coalition troops and the violations of several articles of the Geneva Convention, not forgeting the neglection of millions of anti-war protestors.

These are the only some of reasons for Blairs unpopularity. You, amazingly, didn't mention one.

Yours Sincerely,